Tuesday, 19 March 2013

JUMP Issue #17

JUMP Issue #17

Kuroko no Basket 206 (Cover, Lead CP)
Assassination Classroom 36 (29)
One Piece 702 (695)
Shokugeki no Souma 16 (Center Colour)
Toriko 227 (220)
World Trigger 7
Sporting Salt (Center Colour, Oneshot, 47pg.)
Naruto 624 (617)
Haikyuu!! 54 (Center Colour)
Nisekoi 67 (60)
PSI Kusuo Saiki 43 (36)
Gintama 438 (431)
Sket Dance 274 (267)
Kochikame 1785 (1778)
Beelzebub 197 (190)
Medaka Box 187 (180)
Koisuru Edison 15/16 (1/2) - First Ranking
Cross・Manage 26 (19)
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 17 (10)
Hungry Joker 18 (11)
Absent: Bleach

Jump Issue #18

Lead CP: One Piece

Center Colour: Shokugeki no Souma, Nisekoi, Sakuran (One-shot, 21pg.)

  • Assassination Classroom is up to 1st
  • One Piece is 2nd
  • Nisekoi stays in 5th
  • Gintama up to 7th
  • Beelzebub is down 1 place to 10th
Other Changes:

  • Toriko: 1st > 3rd
  • Naruto: 1st (2 issues back) > 4th
  • PSI Kusuo Saiki: 4th > 6th
  • Sket Dance: No change at 8th
  • Kochikame: 10th > 9th
  • Medaka Box: No change at 11th
  • Cross・Manage: 14th > 13th
  • Kiruko-san: 12th > 14th
  • Hungry Joker: 14th > 15th
Good ToC this week overall for my selected series. AC is back on top, Shokugeki no Souma continues its mini run of CPs, and its final one is next week. We're also getting another one-shot next week called "Sakuran" by the author of Psyren, so it might be another psychological series. Koisuru Edison gets its first ranking in at 12th, and look! It's joined the interracial gangbang at the bottom! More pleasure all around! That's it for this week, thanks for reading! See you next week! ^.^

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  1. Assassination Classroom 35 came out this week, not 36.

    1. Yes, 35 came out in Japan this week. 36 comes out next week, which is what these rankings are for.

    2. That makes no sense, since for example you have Toriko 227 up there, and that's what came out this week. Assassination Classroom 35 came out this week, yet you have next weeks up there. That makes no sense.

    3. Because Chapter 36 hasn't been scanlated yet, which is what I presume you're going by. That scanlation team's a week behind.

  2. Sakuran sounds interesting, but only 21 pages? :\

  3. Dang.... Hungry joker tankin again

  4. The Truth of World Trigger to be reveal next week

    1. I think it's gonna be between 5th and 10th. Not terrible like Koisuru Edison, but not great either.

    2. I really like it personally, and Viz is putting it in Alpha, meaing they have hope in it

    3. I like it too, it's alright. And Viz put Sensei no Bulge in Alpha, but how did that turn out? :'(

    4. i will bet on the rock bottom

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