Wednesday, 25 July 2012

JUMP Issue #35

Apologies for the delay - been busy sunbathing and watching The Dark Knight Returns - which was awesome!

JUMP Issue #35

Naruto (Cover, Lead CP)
One Piece 668
Assassination Classroom
PSI Kusuo Saiki (Center Colour)
Kuroko no Basket 168
Nisekoi 29
Toriko 190
Haikyuu!! 16
Goblin Night (Center Colour, Golden Future Cup Entree #1)
Reborn! 388
Gintama 402
Sket Dance
Kochikame (Center Colour)
Pajama na Kanojo 15
Beelzebub 159
Medaka Box 149
Koisome Momiji 6
Bleach 495
Kurogane 38
Sensei no Bulge 11

JUMP Issue #36/37 Info

Lead CP: One Piece
Center Colour: Nisekoi, Haikyuu!!, Cupid of Love Yakeno Harachiri (Golden Future Cup Entree #2)

  • One Piece is back on top
  • Nisekoi retains 3rd place!
  • Reborn!'s up to 6th
  • Gintama's up to 7th
  • Pajama na Kanojo moves out of the bottom 5
  • Bleach drops into the middle of the bottom 5
  • Kurogane retains its place as second-from-bottom
  • And Sensei no Bulge is right at the bottom! Wow! Did NOT see that coming!
Other changes:
  • Kuroko no Basuke retains 2nd place
  • Toriko drops from 1st to 4th
  • Haikyu!! retains 5th place
  • Sket Dance drops to 8th
  • Beelzebub retains its place above the bottom 5
  • Medaka Box moves up to the top of the bottom 5
  • Koisome Momiji drops into the bottom 5 at 12th
A better ToC this week, I think. Again, sorry for the delay. Thanks for reading! ^.^


  1. are you sure that Nisekoi chapter that got ranked is 29 this time ?
    the last chapter I found online is 35 ...
    35 - 7= what?

    see 28 ...
    or Nisekoi now is 29 ?!

    1. Chapter 36 has come out, but it hasn't been scanlated yet.