Wednesday, 29 August 2012

JUMP Issue #40

JUMP Issue #40

Bleach 505 (Cover & Lead CP)

One Piece 679 (672)
Haikyuu!! 27 (20)
PSI Kusuo Saiki 16 (CP)

Toriko 201 (194)
Sket Dance 247 (240)
Nisekoi 40 (33)
Assassination Classroom 9 (2)

Naruto 599 (592)
Kuroko no Basket 179 (172)
Gintama 413 (406)
Kochikame 1758 (1751)
Medaka Box 160 (CP)

Beelzebub 170 (163)
Reborn! 399 (392)
Kurogane 49 (42)
Koisome Momiji 17 (10)
Takamagahara 8 (1)
Sensei no Bulge 15 (8)
Pajama na Kanojo 26 (19) (End)

JUMP Issue #41 Info
Lead CP/New Series: Retsu!!! Date-Senpai
CP: Kuroko no Basket, Assassination Classroom

End: Sensei no Bulge

Jump Issue #42 Information
Lead CP/New Series: Cross Manage


  • One Piece 1st again
  • Nisekoi is in the top 5 again
  • AC's 2nd chapter is 6th, so not bad
  • Gintama rises to 9th
  • Beelzebub drops to 11th
  • Reborn! is again 12th, but this time just above the bottom 5
  • Kurogane enters the bottom 5 at 13th, but it looks like it is safe to live another day...
  • Takamagahara's 1st chapter is 3rd from bottom. Wow. If it doesn't rise the next 2 chapters, it's pretty much fucked
  • Speaking of "fucked", Sensei no Bulge is penultimate and ends next week, and Pajama na Kanojo has ended. Hot dayum. What is it with new series getting killed off so quickly nowadays?
Other changes:
  • Haikyuu!! rises to 2nd
  • Toriko rises to 3rd
  • Sket Dance moves up to 4th
  • Naruto drops again to 7th! LOL
  • Kochikame rises to 10th
  • Koisome Momiji retains its 3rd-from-bottom position
An OK ToC this week, sad to see Pajama and Bulge going, funny to see Naruto 7th. Takamagahara, get the fuck up. Thanks for reading!! ^.^

We've also got a couple of new series starting over the next couple of weeks: Retsu!!! Date-Senpai and Cross Manage, which is apparently a sports romance with lacrosse. FOr those of you that don't know what lacrosse is, watch American Pie.


Well, Pajama has been cancelled this week, and Bulge is being cancelled the next. But what really grinds my gears? TAKAMAGAHARA'S FIRST CHAPTER IS RANKED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BOTTOM 5???!!!?!?!!! Then again, Sket Dance's first chapter ranked damn near the bottom too.

Oh, and I have a funny picture for all of you patiently awaiting Naruto 599, but I can't upload it from my iPhone - some "Instatnt Upload" bullshit. If anybody could help me out with this, it will be much appreciated.

Look out for this weeks Weekly Jump Rankings coming today! ^.^

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

JUMP Issue #39

JUMP Issue #39

Kuroko no Basket 178 (Cover, Lead CP)
One Piece 678 (671)
Assassination Classroom 8 (1)
Nisekoi 39 (32)
Naruto 598 (591)
Toriko 200 (Center Colour)
PSI Kusuo Saiki 15 (8)
Sket Dance 246 (239)
Bleach 504 (497)
Haikyuu!! 26 (19)
After School ☆ Idol (Oneshot, Center Colour)
Beelzebub 169 (162)
Kurogane 48 (41)
Gintama 412 (405)
Reborn! 398 (391)
Medaka Box 159 (152)
Takamagahara 7
Kochikame 1757 (1750)
Koisome Momiji 16 (9)
Pajama na Kanojo 25 (18)
Sensei no Bulge 14 (7)

JUMP Issue #40

Bleach (Cover, Lead CP)
Center Colour: PSI Kusuo Saiki, Medaka Box, INPWEAR CODE (Golden Future Cup Oneshot, 47pg.)

  • One Piece is in 1st!
  • Assassination Classroom's first chapter got 2nd place??!?!!! Woooot!
  • Nisekoi is in 3rd again - another top 5 finish
  • Bleach moves up to 7th
  • Gintama moves up our of the bottom 5*
  • Beelzebub moves up to 9th
  • Kurogane falls a little to 10th, but it should be guaranteed during the cancellation cycle
  • Reborn! continues to yo-yo around the ToC
  • Pajama na Kanojo is in penultimate...
  • ... and Sensei no Bulge is in last place
Other changes:

  • Naruto drops to 4th
  • PSI retains its 5th place rank
  • Sket Dance moves up to 6th
  • Haikyuu!! drops to 8th
  • Medaka Box moves up out of the bottom 5 to 13th
  • Kochikame drops into the bottom 5
  • Koisome Momiji also drops into the bottom 5
*Some awesome Gintama-related news I've missed since I've been away, which explains the lateness of this Blog post. First, they're airing new episodes and reruns of Gintama under the "Yorinuki Gintama-san" title on October 4th! In addition, there's a new PSP game coming from Namco-Bandai (LOL PSVITA) and... A 2nd Gintama movie is in the works! It'll be written by Hideaki Sorachi so it should be awesome. Here's hoping Sentai Filmworks will pick that up. And pictures from the announcement look like Joi-war Gintoki's in it, so maybe it'll be about his past ^.^

Takamagahara gets its first rank next week, hopefully it'll be as successful as Assassination Classroom's...

A pretty good ToC this week, nice to see AC get 2nd place, Nisekoi continues to piss its way up the table. Thanks for reading! ^.^


Sorry for the lack of posting, I've been away camping, and also at Reading Festival!!!! By tomorrow everything should be up to speed :)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

JUMP Issue #38

JUMP Issue #38

Naruto 597 (Cover, Lead CP)
One Piece 677
Assassination Classroom 7
Nisekoi 38 (31)
Reborn! 397 (390)
PSI Kusuo Saiki 14 (Center Colour)
Haikyuu!! 25 (18)
Toriko 199 (192)
Kuroko no Basket 177 (170)
Sket Dance 245 (238)
Rurouni Kenshin (Oneshot, Center Colour)
Kochikame 1756 (1748)
Takamagahara 6
Kurogane 47 (40)
Koisome Momiji 15 (8)
Beelzebub 168 (161)
Gintama 411 (404)
Bleach 503 (496)
Medaka Box 158 (151)
Sensei no Bulge 13 (6)
Pajama na Kanojo 24 (17)

JUMP Issue #39 Information

Lead CP: Kuroko no Basket
Center Colour: Toriko, After School ☆ Idol (Oneshot)

  • NISEKOI IS 1ST!!! Because One Piece isn't ranked this issue and Assassination Classroom isn't ranked yet. Awesome
  • Reborn! is 2nd!
  • Kurogane moves out of the bottom 5 up to 7th
  • Beelzebub drops to 9th, and just above the bottom 5
  • Gintama actually drops into the bottom 5!
  • Bleach remains in the bottom 5...
  • ... As does Sensei no Bulge (which isn't bottom! :D)...
  • ... As does Pajama na Kanojo, which is dead last
Pretty surprising rankings this week. Can't wait for next week too - I've been reading Assassination Classroom, which starts to get ranked next week, and also Takamagahara, which is awesome and gets ranked in 2 weeks. Thanks for reading! ^.^

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

JUMP Issue #36-37

Another edit: I'm gonna include the chapter numbers released this week AS WELL AS the chapter numbers actually being ranked, which will be indicated in brackets. Of course, the series without brackets AREN'T being ranked.

Jump Issue #36-37

Jump Protagonists (Cover)
One Piece 676 (Lead CP)
Naruto 596 (589)
Assassination Classroom 6
Haikyuu!! 24 (Center Colour)
Sket Dance 244 (237)
Toriko 198 (191)
Cupid of Love Yakeno Harajin (Center Color, Oneshot)
PSI Kusuo Saiki 13 (6)
Nisekoi 37 (Center Colour)
Takamagahara 5
Kuroko no Basuke 176 (169)
My Mom is a Spy (Oneshot)
Gintama 410 (403)
Beelzebub 167 (160)
Kochikame 1755 (1748)
Reborn! 396 (389)
Medaka Box 157 (150)
Kurogane 46 (39)
Koisome Momiji 14 (7)
Pajama na Kanojo 23 (16)
Sensei no Bulge 12 (5)

Absent: Bleach
Jump Issue #38 Information

Lead CP: Naruto
Center Colour: PSI Kusuo Saiki, Rurouni Kenshin (Oneshot, 46pg.)

  • Gintama moves up one place to 6th
  • Beelzebub moves up to 7th
  • Kurogane moves up a couple of places
  • Reborn! moves down to 9th
  • Pajama na Kanojo is penultimate
  • And Sensei no Bulge is last... Again...
Other changes:
  • Naruto moves up to 1st
  • Sket Dance leaps up to 2nd
  • Toriko moves up to 3rd
  • Kuroko no Basuke drops to 4th
  • Kochikame moves up to 7th
  • Medaka Box retains its position at the top of the bottom 5
  • Koisome Momiji moves into the middle of the bottom 5
Looks like it's a double issue this week, meaning JUMP will return in 2 weeks. Thanks for reading! ^.^