Tuesday, 28 August 2012

JUMP Issue #39

JUMP Issue #39

Kuroko no Basket 178 (Cover, Lead CP)
One Piece 678 (671)
Assassination Classroom 8 (1)
Nisekoi 39 (32)
Naruto 598 (591)
Toriko 200 (Center Colour)
PSI Kusuo Saiki 15 (8)
Sket Dance 246 (239)
Bleach 504 (497)
Haikyuu!! 26 (19)
After School ☆ Idol (Oneshot, Center Colour)
Beelzebub 169 (162)
Kurogane 48 (41)
Gintama 412 (405)
Reborn! 398 (391)
Medaka Box 159 (152)
Takamagahara 7
Kochikame 1757 (1750)
Koisome Momiji 16 (9)
Pajama na Kanojo 25 (18)
Sensei no Bulge 14 (7)

JUMP Issue #40

Bleach (Cover, Lead CP)
Center Colour: PSI Kusuo Saiki, Medaka Box, INPWEAR CODE (Golden Future Cup Oneshot, 47pg.)

  • One Piece is in 1st!
  • Assassination Classroom's first chapter got 2nd place??!?!!! Woooot!
  • Nisekoi is in 3rd again - another top 5 finish
  • Bleach moves up to 7th
  • Gintama moves up our of the bottom 5*
  • Beelzebub moves up to 9th
  • Kurogane falls a little to 10th, but it should be guaranteed during the cancellation cycle
  • Reborn! continues to yo-yo around the ToC
  • Pajama na Kanojo is in penultimate...
  • ... and Sensei no Bulge is in last place
Other changes:

  • Naruto drops to 4th
  • PSI retains its 5th place rank
  • Sket Dance moves up to 6th
  • Haikyuu!! drops to 8th
  • Medaka Box moves up out of the bottom 5 to 13th
  • Kochikame drops into the bottom 5
  • Koisome Momiji also drops into the bottom 5
*Some awesome Gintama-related news I've missed since I've been away, which explains the lateness of this Blog post. First, they're airing new episodes and reruns of Gintama under the "Yorinuki Gintama-san" title on October 4th! In addition, there's a new PSP game coming from Namco-Bandai (LOL PSVITA) and... A 2nd Gintama movie is in the works! It'll be written by Hideaki Sorachi so it should be awesome. Here's hoping Sentai Filmworks will pick that up. And pictures from the announcement look like Joi-war Gintoki's in it, so maybe it'll be about his past ^.^

Takamagahara gets its first rank next week, hopefully it'll be as successful as Assassination Classroom's...

A pretty good ToC this week, nice to see AC get 2nd place, Nisekoi continues to piss its way up the table. Thanks for reading! ^.^

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