Wednesday, 29 August 2012

JUMP Issue #40

JUMP Issue #40

Bleach 505 (Cover & Lead CP)

One Piece 679 (672)
Haikyuu!! 27 (20)
PSI Kusuo Saiki 16 (CP)

Toriko 201 (194)
Sket Dance 247 (240)
Nisekoi 40 (33)
Assassination Classroom 9 (2)

Naruto 599 (592)
Kuroko no Basket 179 (172)
Gintama 413 (406)
Kochikame 1758 (1751)
Medaka Box 160 (CP)

Beelzebub 170 (163)
Reborn! 399 (392)
Kurogane 49 (42)
Koisome Momiji 17 (10)
Takamagahara 8 (1)
Sensei no Bulge 15 (8)
Pajama na Kanojo 26 (19) (End)

JUMP Issue #41 Info
Lead CP/New Series: Retsu!!! Date-Senpai
CP: Kuroko no Basket, Assassination Classroom

End: Sensei no Bulge

Jump Issue #42 Information
Lead CP/New Series: Cross Manage


  • One Piece 1st again
  • Nisekoi is in the top 5 again
  • AC's 2nd chapter is 6th, so not bad
  • Gintama rises to 9th
  • Beelzebub drops to 11th
  • Reborn! is again 12th, but this time just above the bottom 5
  • Kurogane enters the bottom 5 at 13th, but it looks like it is safe to live another day...
  • Takamagahara's 1st chapter is 3rd from bottom. Wow. If it doesn't rise the next 2 chapters, it's pretty much fucked
  • Speaking of "fucked", Sensei no Bulge is penultimate and ends next week, and Pajama na Kanojo has ended. Hot dayum. What is it with new series getting killed off so quickly nowadays?
Other changes:
  • Haikyuu!! rises to 2nd
  • Toriko rises to 3rd
  • Sket Dance moves up to 4th
  • Naruto drops again to 7th! LOL
  • Kochikame rises to 10th
  • Koisome Momiji retains its 3rd-from-bottom position
An OK ToC this week, sad to see Pajama and Bulge going, funny to see Naruto 7th. Takamagahara, get the fuck up. Thanks for reading!! ^.^

We've also got a couple of new series starting over the next couple of weeks: Retsu!!! Date-Senpai and Cross Manage, which is apparently a sports romance with lacrosse. FOr those of you that don't know what lacrosse is, watch American Pie.

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