Thursday, 20 September 2012

JUMP Issue #43

JUMP Issue #43

JUMP Issue #43

Haikyuu!! (Cover & Lead CP)
Naruto 602 (595)
One Piece 682 (675)
Assassination Classroom 12 (5)
PSI Kusuo Saiki 19 (12)
Cross Manage 2 (CP, 25 pg.)
Kuroko no Basket 182 (175)
Retsu!! Date Senpai 3
Beelzebub 173 (167) (CP)
Toriko 204 (197)
Nisekoi 43 (36)
Medaka Box 163 (157)
Sket Dance 250 (243)
Kochikame 1761 (1754)
Reborn! 402 (395)
Bleach 508 (501)
Koisome Momiji 20 (CP)
Kurogane 52 (45)
Takamagahara 11 (4)

Alien & I (One Shot)
Gintama (Absent)

JUMP Issue #44 Info
Lead CP: Toriko
CP: Haikyuu!!, Chousoku Henkei Jaipur Rosetta (One Shot, 30 pg.)
Absent: One Piece

  • Assassination Classroom is in 3rd
  • One Piece loses its top spot to Naruto
  • Nisekoi drops out of the bottom 5 to 7th
  • Reborn! rises a little, but is still in the bottom 5 at 11th
  • Bleach is 12th in the bottom 5
  • Kurogane drops like a stone to the penultimate position
  • Takamagahara, which is pretty much over before it's begun, is dead last
Other Changes:
  • Naruto moves up to 1st
  • PSI Kusuo Saiki moves up to 4th
  • Kuroko no Basket up to 5th
  • Toriko down to 6th
  • Medaka Box up one place to 8th
  • Sket Dance is down to 9th
  • Kochikame up to 10th

Another shit ToC this week, obviously Takamagahara is doomed, but nice to see Assassination Classroom doing so well.

Wow. As I expected, this new Blogger is... *ahem*... COMPLETE SHIT! Give us the option to make it like how it was before, Google! Anyway, thanks for reading, see you next week! ^.^


  1. Jump just has too many good manga now :D

    But I'm sure Reborn! will end soon... hopefully (it's dragged on a bit too long). And Naruto's ending next year, so there should be alot more fresh blood coming in :)

    1. Yeah, Reborn! looks like it'll be ending soon. There's not really much more to expand on, other than Tsuna officially becoming the boss. I will be sad to see it go, it really is one of my favourite manga.

      Naruto will be ending soon. It's an ok series, kinda overrated. But what I hate most about it are the Narutards who will rip your ass apart if you don't like Naruto.

      Maybe because there's so much good manga in Jump that it's hard for new series to do well recently. I do feel sorry for Takamagahara though :(

  2. this Naruto chapter (595) got the 1st ...
    is it one of tobi "two" chapters?
    the one whiech the mask smashed ,or the the one we know who is the real 'him'?
    (I don't read the latest chapters of naruto now so i don't know)

    1. It's the chapter where Tobi's mask gets slightly cracked, but not smashed.

  3. i think Takamagahara, will die at the next serialization meeting

    1. Takamagahara's cancellation is inevitable. I also predict Koisome Momiji will be going with it, or at least later. If my prediction does not come true, suggest to me something embarrassing to do and I'll post a video of me doing it.