Tuesday, 11 September 2012

JUMP Issue #42

JUMP Issue #42
Cross Manage 1 (Cover, Lead CP, New Series)
Assassination Classroom 11 (4)
One Piece 671 (664)
Nisekoi 42 (CP)
Naruto 601 (594)
Toriko 203 (196)
PSI Kusuo Saiki 18 (11)
Kuroko no Basket 181 (174)
Retsu!! Date-Senpai 2 (CP)
Sket Dance 249 (242)
Haikyuu!! 29 (22)
Medaka Box 162 (155)
Kurogane 51 (44)
Gintama 415 (408)
Reborn! 401 (CP)
Beelzebub 172 (165)
Bleach 507 (500)
Kochikame 1760 (1753)
Koisome Momiji 19 (12)
Takamagahara 10 (3)

JUMP Issue #43 Info
Lead CP: Haikyuu!!
CP: Cross Manage, Beelzebub, Koisome Momiji

Positives... Or should I say POSITIVE:

  • Assassination Classroom is 1st!!!!
  • One Piece falls to 2nd, but at least it's to a good series
  • Kurogane falls to 10th, but at least it's not in the bottom 5
  • Gintama drops to 1 place above the bottom 5 - guess this arc isn't so popular...
  • Beelzebub drops into the bottom 5
  • Bleach drops like a fucking rock into 13th
  • Takamagahara is FUCKED!!!! Damn-near bottom rankings for the first 3 chapters is a death sign. And I really had high hopes for this series :'(
Other changes:
  • Naruto a non-mover at 3rd
  • Toriko up one place to 4th
  • PSI Kusuo Saiki also up one place to 5th
  • Kuroko no Basket up one place to 7th (am I seeing a trend here... ?)
  • Kochikame down to 14th

Wow, one of the worst ToCs I've seen in like, ever. Hopefully, it might improve. I now predict that it and Koisome Momiji will be next on the chopping block and, well, if I'm wrong, then I will... DO something embarassing - let me know in the comments what I should do and I'll post a video doing it or something. Sorry for the lateness, this is like 2 days late! Some stuff with uni and work I had to do. Thanks for reading, see you next week! ^.^


  1. see this ..A site (I make) similiar to yours.

    1. Nice! Can see how much you like Nieskoi! :)

    2. Yeah I like it ...the story looks ordinary but the Author's way of making it Flow is interesting!!

      but the reason for starting with it in "my" site ..cause it's the only jump ongoing manga i see it's latest chapters now ..
      i'm still at the start of "skypia" in One Piece.
      and "Sasuke and Sai" arc in Naruto.
      the very start in "Gintama".

      "bleezebub","Toriko" and "Assassination classrom" are in my "To Read list" I'll read one after I complete Magico.

    3. That's cool, just make sure it doesn't take over your life. Trust me. Oh, and if you need the ranks for the previous Nisekoi chapters, look back at my previous rank posts if you have time :)