Wednesday, 30 January 2013

JUMP Issue #10

JUMP Issue #10

Koi suru Edison 1 (Cover, Lead CP, New Series)
Naruto 618 (611)
One Piece 697 (690)
PSI Kusuo Saiki 36 (29)
Bleach 525 (518)
Assassination Classroom 29 (CP)
Kuroko no Basket 199 (192)
Toriko 220 (213)
Shokugeki no Souma 9 (CP)
Nisekoi 60 (53)
Sket Dance 267 (260)
Haikyuu!! 47 (40)
Beelzebub 190 (183)
Gintama 432 (425)
Medaka Box 180 (173)
Kochikame 1778 (1771)
Hungry Joker 11 (4)
Cross Manage 19 (12)
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 10 (3)
Retsu!!! Date-senpai 20 (END)

JUMP Issue #11

Cover, Lead CP: World Trigger (New Series)
CP: Koi suru Edison, Nisekoi, PSI Kusuo Saiki

  • Bleach shoots up to 4th!
  • Gintama moves out of the bottom 5 to 11th
  • Beelzebub hasn't moved at 10th
  • Nisekoi also seems to be unmoved from its last ranking, which was 7th. Still ok.
  • One Piece misses out on top spot for the 2nd week running
Other Changes:
  • Naruto: non-mover at 1st
  • PSI Kusuo Saiki: 4th > 3rd
  • Kuroko no Basket: non-mover at 5th
  • Toriko: 4th > 6th
  • Sket Dance: non-mover at 8th
  • Haikyuu!!: 8th > 9th
  • Medaka Box: 14th > 12th
  • Kochikame: 15th > 13th
  • Hungry Joker: 9th > 14th
  • Cross Manage: 11th > 15th
  • Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san: 7th > 16th
An ok week overall for my selected manga. A pretty shitty week for the newbies, especially Kiruko-san dropping 9 places to damn-near bottom. And Retsu!!! Date-senpai has also been cancelled to make way for the new series, which I forgot to mention last week: Koi suru Edison (which starts this week) and World Trigger (which starts next week). I'm guessing Koi suru Edison has something to do with inventions (don't know why I think that) and sounds like a gag manga. World Trigger makes me think of gangstas, so I'm thinking something action-y.

Also, next week's JUMP will be out a day earlier, so next Tuesday! Woooot!

Agree or disagree with this week's rankings? Write a response in the comments below!

Thanks for reading as always, see ya next week! ^.^


  1. I just recently found this page, but I had to say that you are doing a good job on keeping us updated (based on the post dates).

    Good work man! more power :D