Wednesday, 19 June 2013

JUMP Issue #30

JUMP Issue #30

PSI Kusuo Saiki (Cover, Lead CP)
Asassination Classroom 48 (41)
Toriko 238 (231)
Gintama 450 (Center Colour)
Kuroko no Basket 218 (211)
Naruto 635 (628)
World Trigger 19 (Center Colour)
Shokugeki no Souma 28 (21)
Soul Catcher(S) 7
Nisekoi 79 (72)
Bleach 542 (535)
Beelzebub 209 (Center Colour)
Smoky B.B. 5
Haikyuu!! 66 (59)
Chienetsu! David-san (Oneshot, 19pg.)
Mutou Black 6
Kochikame 1797 (1790)
Sket Dance 286 (279)
Koisuru Edison 59/60 (45/46) (????)
Cross Manage 38 (31)

Absent: One Piece

JUMP Issue #31 Info

Gintama (
Lead CP/Cover)
Toriko, Haikyuu!! (
Center Colour)

  • AC is in 1st!
  • Shokugeki no Souma is in 5th, despite falling from 3rd
  • Nisekoi up to 6th
  • Bleach stays in 7th
  • None for me this week! ^.^
Other Changes
  • Toriko: No change at 2nd (2 issues back)
  • Kuroko no Basket: 5th > 3rd
  • Naruto: 6th > 4th
  • Haikyuu!!: 7th > 8th (2 issues back)
  • Kochikame: 12th > 8th
  • Sket Dance: 11th > 9th
  • Koisuru Edison: 15th > 10th
  • Cross Manage: 14th > 11th
Ahhh, it feels so good to be back! I'm sorry I've been away for so long, there were things in my life I had to prioritise and deal with, but now I'm freeeee!!! 

Phwoar, Assassination Classroom is tearing up the ToC like a BBW's ass! One Piece is absent again, which sucks, but as long as Oda is ok then that's all that matters. Not much else I can say seeing as I've been away from manga for so long. I know that Hungry Joker and Kiruko-san have been cancelled, can anybody fill me in on what's happened while I've been away? Any shocks? Surges? Slumps? What are the new series like?

Agree/Disagree? Write down your thoughts in the comments below! If you don't, you do know that I can track the IPs of every visitor, right? So I can come to your house and hide under your bed, right? Unless I'm already in your family, which you won't exactly know...

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Thanks for reading, see you next week! ^.^

*OFF TOPIC* Any football/soccer fans on here? I sure am liking the look of Man United's first 5 fixtures. I have every faith that Moyes will do just fine and land us our 21st title! What do you think of your team's fixtures?


  1. Smokey B.B. looks pretty good, but i think mutou black might get cancelled.

    Arsenal fan here, so I'll just say that Sir Alex did a proper job with Man United.

  2. Yay! Glad to see it's updated. IMO, this is by far the best available Jump TOC blog out there.
    Quite happy for AssClass and Nisekoi. Sad for Sket Dance (final arc, huh... and STILL NO FRIGGIN' S3).

    And oh yeah, ULTRA HAPPY for Gintama! (2 covers in 1 year? Holy sh*t!) The movie will be awesome, I'm sure of it. Too bad we poor gaijins will have to wait months for some blu-ray goodness.

    About football, I'd like to be enthusiastic, but unfortunately my team (SC Internacional) was not doing so good on Brazilian League, which just got paralyzed in spite of the Confed Cup. Also quite strange and cool to see brazilians rioting thanks to the shit the government's been doing for some years now.

    I'm pretty sure United will put a good fight on England though. Those matches against Chelsea, Blues and City will sure be hard, but they have some great chances, since the team is well-built and that match against West Brom was pretty intense around the end.

    1. What?? Sket Dance is ending???

    2. Aw thanks dude, that means a lot. I didn't know Sket Dance was in its final arc! And wow, a Gintama cover - Sorachi's finally made it! ;)

  3. I've always wondered this, but isn't there an 8 week lag for voting? If so, then shouldn't the numbers in the parentheses be 8 chapters ago, not 7?

    Glad you're back though.

    1. Nein, it's 7 weeks. So Soul Catcher's first ranking is next week.

  4. World Trigger jumped up to third a week or two ago, that was nice

  5. Those 5 fixtures are really bad for MU. We still don't know how well Moyes can manage MU.
    Chelsea will be super strong next season with Jose Mourinho.
    Coutinho and Sturridge play really well lately.
    Man City will surely buy some new players.
    I really hope MU buy some new amazing players or else they're gonna have a bad time,

    1. They're not that bad! Swansea away and Crystal Palace at home should be a breeze. So should Chelsea at home. Liverpool won't win and City might prove to be a pain in the ass, but hey, at least we're getting some big games out of the way so early on :)

      City have already bought new players.

      And I'd put money on us getting Thiago Alcantara and Strootman. I've also got a feeling that towards the end of the transfer window, we're gonna make a shock purchase, like last season with Van Persie.

  6. Where did you find that there's 7 week delay?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. If you didn't catch up on bleach, make yourself a favor and just do it.
    Bleach is high on the list, although not as high as I would like it to be, but life is like that.
    Nothing to say about AC. The manga speaks for itself, it is still lots of the same awsomeness we saw in tha last chapters.

    Aaaanyway, besides that, glad you got your stuff back into it's place! Hppy to have you back, and surprisingly alive and kicking! Haha!

    Buuut, seriously, don't leave like that again, I had to follow the ranks of jump on youtube, and it does not give any of the info you provide, nor is it as organized as you are :((
    I mean it, not even the chapter number we are looking at, nothing.

    Aaaanyway, happy to have you back, let's hope everything goes right for ya, and we see more of you online ;)

    1. Yeah, pretty much the only manga I was reading were the "Big 3". I haven't actually read my other series since... December! Don't judge me.

      And thanks, everything should be alright for now, at least until around this time next year anyway XD. Yeah, no-one does it quite like I do ;) Because I love each and every one of my readers and this spurs me to put the effort into something I am so passionate abo - Ok, I have to stop. This is making me gag. My "Big Tasty" from McDonald's is coming back up sour.

      But yeah, thanks. And it's great to be back :D