Wednesday, 26 June 2013

JUMP Issue #31

JUMP Issue #31

Gintama 451 (Cover, Lead CP)
One Piece 712 (705)
Assassination Classroom 49 (42)
Naruto 636 (629)
PSI Kusuo Saiki 57 (50)
Toriko 239 (CP)
Shokugeki no Souma 29 (22)
Kuroko no Basket 219 (212)
Haikyuu!! 67 (CP)
Smoky B.B. 6
Nisekoi 80 (73)
Mutou Black 7
Beelzebub 210 (203)
World Trigger 20 (13)
Soul Catcher(S) 8 (1) - First Ranking
Sket Dance 287 (280)
Bleach 543 (536)
Kochikame 1798 (1791)
Cross Manage 39 (32)
Koisuru Edison 

JUMP Issue #32

Assassination Classroom - First Anniversary (Cover, Lead CP)
Nisekoi, Sket Dance (CP)

JUMP Issue #33

- Kuro Clock (New Series by Atsushi Nakamura)

JUMP Issue #34

- Hime Doll (New Series by Kazurô Kyô, Author of After School Idol)

JUMP Issue #35

- Ginga Patrol Jako (New Series by Akira Toriyama)


  • One Piece is in 1st
  • Assassination Classroom moves down to 2nd, from 1st
  • Shokugeki no Souma stays in 5th
  • Nisekoi down 1 place to 7th, still OK
  • Beelzebub moves out of the bottom 5 to 8th...
  • ... And its place is taken by Bleach, which has fallen from 7th to 12th
Other Changes:

  • Naruto: 4th > 3rd
  • PSI Kusuo Saiki: No change at 4th (2 issues back)
  • Kuroko no Basket: 3rd > 6th
  • World Trigger: No change at 9th (2 issues back)
  • Sket Dance: No change at 10th (2 issues back)
  • Kochikame: 9th > 13th
  • Cross Manage: 11th > 13th
  • Koisuru Edison: 10th > 14th
An OK ToC for me this week. Poor Bleach. Assassination Classroom's first anniversary is next week. Boy, does time fly! More details about Nisekoi's anime will be in the next issue, and I'm also hearing that Sket Dance is ending next week... We've also got some new series starting up over the next few weeks. We've got Kuro Clock (probably supernatural, never heard of the author), Hime Doll (sounds Ecchi) and Ginga Patrol Jako, which is probably something to do with space. It's also by Akira Toriyama, who I've never even heard of. I assume this is his first work. Nevertheless, I wish all of them the best of luck with their new series. And this also means some more series are getting the cut to make room. My money would be on Sket Dance, if rumours are correct, Koisuru Edison and Cross Manage.

Things are getting pretty stale around here, so I'm gonna be making a few changes. Starting from next month, I'm gonna have a Manga of the Month theme, and shall change my display picture and background to promote said manga. Next month's manga will be... *drumroll* Kuroko no Basket!

Also, I wonder if I should start showing the rankings of manga from as far as 5 issues back, so we can see trends in the rankings and therefore make easier judgements. What do you guys think? Should I start doing that, or stick to his format? Let me know in the comments. As always, thanks for reading! See you next week! ^.^

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*OFF TOPIC* So, following on from Microsoft's u-turn on their DRM, always online and backwards compatibility policies, will this motivate you to get the Xbox One? Or will you not give Microsoft a second chance? If not, which consoles are you going with next-gen? For me, it's looking like Wii U and PS4 so far... Let me know your thoughts!


  1. As always, your blog has the best breakdown of the ToC :)
    Afterschool Idol was pretty good, so I think Hime Doll might be interesting. But Akira? That's a shocker. A nice shocker.

    I think this current format is good as it is. Manga of the month would be awesome.

    I'd go for the PS4. It's cheaper, and supports indie developers more than Microsoft.

    And I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again: it's good to see this blog back in action.

  2. Wait, are you serious? You've never heard of Akira Toriyama? He's the guy who did Dragon Ball

  3. Won't buy an Xbox because I have no idea if they are gonna flip flop on their policies.

    As the other guy said, Akira Toriyama did Dragon Ball.

    I've seen conflicting reports of the voting lag, whether it's 7 or 8 weeks. And in the mangahelpers thread, none of the veteran members clarified.

    1. Yeah, that's also my reasoning for not purchasing an Xbox One.

      What's Dragon Ball like then?

      I think it's 7 weeks, because I think for Fist of the North Star's 8th Chapter, it was first and that the first chapter had the highest number of votes ever or something like that.

  4. Heh, pretty good week, aside from dat Bleach tumble and Sket Dance still down there, close to the end.
    Thank you for another week!
    Well, we got at least one good thing next week; info about Nisekoi anime (maybe October? Seiyuus? Tomokazu Sugita would be awesome on another Jump anime, and he could fit someone we all known in the storyline, lol).
    Too bad Sket's not getting the cover next week, on it's own ending! All thanks to AssClass'es birthday (can't blame Shueisha, I guess). As I said last week, I hope someday we get to see Bossun, Switch and Himeko's adventures in a second animu season.

    Regarding Toriama's new manga, it really looks like an "Astroboy" kind of manga (dat "MC"?), so I'm not really sure if I'm gonna enjoy it.

  5. For one, Akira did dragon ball, but everything he touches is gold, so this new series is bound to work. Juat look at Dragon Quest, one of the most fampous rpg franchises ever, blue dragon, which was kinda of a hit at first, and dr slump.

    This manga will show us if he still got it or if he lost his talent :/

    Im kinda intrested on kuro clock. Sad about bleach :/, I guess the anime returning was just a dream huh? As long as it doesn't have the same shitty kind of ending as katekyo hitman reborn Im ok.

    And I just love to see one piece and Assasination classroom duking it out o the top 2 spots, hahhaa. Shame that AC is still loosing horribly on volume sales, but I think AC got a chance of beating oe piece once and forever with that, just give it time and an anime.

    Final comment for today: I hope Naruto gets it's place switched with bleach. Seryously, I hate naruto right now and I want it to end.

    1. i think Bleach will return in the second half of 2014, right after Naruto's ending.

    2. Yeah, I'm pretty pumped for Toriyama's new series. And don't even get me started on Reborn!'s ending, it made me feel like I wasted like 3 years following it -;-

      Assassination Classroom's volume sales will likely never reach as high as One Piece's, but that doesn't mean it won't be a smash hit. It's already a given that it'll get an anime too.

      And yeah, the War Arc in Naruto is really dragging the fuck on. It needs to end soon.

    3. Naruto itself is a drag-out so far. Seems like kishimoto is afraid of letting his hit series to end so soon, because let's face it, once the war is over, so is naruto. I just want it to end well, that's it.

      As for Bleach's reapearence. I don't know. Ive heard many rumors so far, none true. Im kinda doubting it will ever be back on air.

      I don´t know about AC's sales. I kinda want it to beat One piece because I like it more, but only time can tell.

  6. I just found out about your blog and I want to say I'm really liking it. When I wanted to know about the rankings before, I googled it and got to the websites with just a boring list. Now I can check back here every week to get the rankings plus some nice comments and ideas about it. So thank you very much for all that.

    More on the topic of this week's post. Like the guy above me, I also think Naruto does not deserve to be that high on the list. Good to see Beelzebub going up a bit. Sket Dance really deserves better than the bottom five (although I have only read the latest english fan-translated chapters, which are quite far behind).

    Also, why is it that Assassination Classroom dropping one place is a good point? Do you not like the series, or am I understanding it wrong and is the fact that it's in 2nd place a good thing? I'm looking forward to this new series by the unknown Akira Toriyama (seriously, it was obviously sarcasm, can't people see that?).

    1. Thanks, your feedback means a lot. Haha, I meant it was good that Assassination Classroom was in 2nd place. And THANK YOU, I was hoping people would catch on to the fact I was joking...

  7. First of all, good to see you back.

    Second, about Akira Toriyama... I guess you already knew about him (looking at the comments)

    Third, between the 3 new consoles I can't see myself going with Microsoft and Sony. I like RPGs and it seems to me that the 3 consoles can't fulfill my desire so I'm getting a Wii U for The Legend of Zelda and Monster Hunter purposes.

    And again... it's nice to see you back again :D (Just saw your facebook post :D)

    1. Thanks, great to be back. And yes, I was joking. Well done to you for figuring it out. Yeah, I'm going primarily with the Wii U. PS4 has a nice price and the third party support the devs are too lazy/biased to give to the Wii U, but I don't really want to have to pay for online for the foreseeable future.

  8. Wii U 4 Bayonetta 2
    PS4? don't have any reason, yet.
    Xbox One80 - no. not just because DRM, last 2-3 years of 360 sucked + i hate to pay for multiplayer.

    1. Don't you have to pay for online on the PS4 too, though? And yeah, Bayonetta 2 is looking seriously good. While I do understand it could be annoying buying another console for a sequel, not that many bought the first game AND the sequel wouldn't even exist if it weren't for Nintendo! They should be grateful for that.

    2. ppl will need to buy next-gen console anyway. so, i don't see a problem in buying a Wii U.

      yeah. they also give free digital games, but i don't really need it. i can play any game for free RIGHT NOW, if you know what i mean. personally, i still buy licensed games just to have shiny green boxes :3 + i'm not a big ONLINE mp guy, so buying those live cards just to play one game is kinda dumb and some times i don't even turn on my console for a month :\

  9. kind of glad that SKET DANCE is ending. i think author's talents are more appropriate for a battle manga (or some shit like that), rather than a comedy.

  10. No offense to AC, but I doubt it will ever top OP sales. Ac didn't even make the top ten of volume sales for the first half of 2013. OP crushed all the competition with 7.7 million volumes sold. While Magi, which came in second, only had 4.5 million volumes sold.