Thursday, 1 August 2013

JUMP Issue #36

JUMP Issue #36

Hime-dol 1 (Cover, Lead CP, New Series)
One Piece 716 (709)
Naruto 641 (634)
Toriko 244 (Lead CP)
Assassination Classroom 54 (47)
Shokugeki no Souma 34 (27)
Kurokuroku 2 (CP)
Ginga Patrol Jaco 4
Nisekoi 85 (78)
PSI Kusuo Saiki 62 (CP)
World Trigger 25 (18)
Kuroko no Basket 224 (217)
Haikyuu!! 72 (65)
Beelzebub 215 (208)
Inumaru Dashi (Bangaihen)
Kochikame 1783 (1776)
Soul Catcher(S) 13 (6)
Gintama 456 (449)
Smoky B.B. 11 (4)
Mutou Black 12 (END)
Absent: Bleach (Till Issue #41)

JUMP Issue #37-38

One Piece (
Lead CP/Cover)
Assassination Classroom, Hime-dol, Oneshot by Youichi 
Amano (49 pages) (CP)

  • One Piece is on top
  • Assassination Classroom stays in 3rd place
  • Shokugeki no Souma retains its 4th place spot from 2 issues back
  • Nisekoi moves up one place to 5th
  • Beelzebub drops to 8th from 5th
  • Wow... Gintama's 2nd from bottom at 12th...
Other Changes:

Naruto: 4th > 2nd
World Trigger: 8th > 6th
Kuroko no Basket: 6th > 7th
Haikyuu!!: 7th > 8th
Kochikame: 10th > 9th
Soul Catcher(S): 12th > 10th
Smoky B.B.: No change at 11th
Mutou Black: 13th > 12th

Sorry this is late. Had to work, then went to get wasted, so no time to do this.

A good ToC this week. Very shocked to see Gintama where it is, though. World Trigger seems to be holding its own nicely in the ToC. Also shocked to see Mutou Black end so quickly. One Piece gets the Lead CP and Cover next issue, AC and Hime-dol get the CP. There's also a one-shot by mangaka Youichi Amano, dunno what it's about.

Next week is a double-issue. For those of you who don't know what this means, it's that next week's issue will account for 2 weeks. So in theory, we're getting chapters next week and a one-week break, in contrast to the common misconception of there being 2 chapters in 1 issue.

As for my Manga of the Month, August shall be for... Toriko!!

That's pretty much it for this week. Thanks for reading, see ya next week! ^.^

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  1. Happy to see World trigger where it is. Kinda sad about mutou black. I mean, yeah it wasn't the best out there, but it had a creative concept. Guess I will never have the chance to read the full thing because noone would translate it :(


  2. Man, I thought Barrage (Sensei no Bulge) got it rough with just 16 chapters, but Mutou Black barely had any time to shine.

  3. glad to see world trigger where it is, hopefully it holds onto this area in the ToC, and is Shokugeki no Souma any good, it's doing well in rankings, but i have so many other things i need to marathon read atm that i'm not sure if i should start it or not

    1. I personally think it's a great series and is totally worth the ranks it gets. Give it a look if you have time.